Why doing a South African Safari?

Why doing a South African Safari? Safari is basically like a thrilling and adventurous journey, the journey to enjoy with free roaming animals. The animals usually live in their natural environment such as [...]

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Thula Thula Volunteers Academy is now officially open !

How DID the elephants we adopted know my husband had suddenly died?

The Elephant In My Kitchen book sheds amazing new light on the profound relationship between man and beast.

Up close with famous elephants by Billy Suter

EXCITING times lie ahead for Francoise Malby Anthony, charming owner and managing director of Thula Thula, the popular Empangeni game reserve and safari lodge now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and soon to launch a conservation [...]

Best Weekend Getaway & Best Game Lodge

The Zululand community has voted and the results have been audited. The Best of Zululand is now in its 9th year and we received just over 29 000 votes. We are excited to announce that [...]

Raffle Tickets now Available

Thula Thula now has raffle tickets available at reception. Our number one priority at Thula Thula is 24/7 surveillance and anti-poaching actions to keep all our wildlife safe. "THANK YOU for your support in our [...]