Elephant Land Expansion

When the original herd of 7 /76″>elephants in September 1999 arrived at Thula Thula, they were classified as “rogue” and “troublemakers”. Our herd of elephants, made famous in the best-sellers “The Elephant Whisperer” and “An Elephant In My Kitchen”, has now increased to the maximum sustainable capacity.

Contraception program for our male elephants

Having now reached its maximum capacity in terms of habitat for our herd, the reserve implemented a reversible male elephant contraception program to allow controlled breeding. This operation, which started in Sept 2012, is being renewed every 6 months.

An alternative to relocation

Although contraception does not adversely affect the elephants and does not produce any behavioral side effects, questions do remain as to how continued contraception might influence such a highly sociable species.


Thula Thula has started the first step of the land expansion in October 2020 to increase their habitat. We have now successfully increased Thula Thula with 1500 hectares and are about to start fencing an additional 1100 hectares of community land.


With the difficult times we had to face during the pandemic of Covid-19, with no or little income at our lodges since March 2020, we now need your help to carry on this important project for our elephant habitat.

Should you wish to support the Thula Thula expansion project, you can:

  • Sponsor 1 acre of the extended Thula Thula land for $50

  • Buy 1 metre of fencing for $100

  • Adopt a Thula Thula elephant for $50 per month. You will receive a Certificate of Adoption as well as the story with additional photos of your selected elephant. Please see our precious herd of elephants for adoption below.


If animals could speak, mankind would weep! Our stay was amazing, couldn’t have imagined a better stay. Just wish we could stay longer. Emmanuel and Expidicao Schumann