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Thank you for your support in our conservation efforts.

We are proud to announce that our expansion project for elephant habitat is a very successful work in progress, and without your incredible help it would not have been possible. Soon Thula Thula will be 5600 hectares!

Maintaining our fences, roads and general infrastructure is an ongoing task. Our conservation efforts in protecting our 5 rhino, our special elephant family and our latest addition Savannah the cheetah lady and all our wildlife can never be stopped. Neither the dehorning of our rhino and veterinarian assistance when our wildlife family is in need of care, as it is our responsibility and commitment to do everything to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

We do thank you for your support.

Francoise and the Thula Thula Wild Team

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Rescue and Care for all Orphaned Wildlife

The Thula Thula Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was created in partnership with Thula Thula Game Reserve, Fundimvelo Community Conservation Trust and international animal welfare organization, Four Paws.

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