We would like to invite everyone in celebrating the start of our new centre, which will be launching on 26th May. This facility will be able to take in all injured and orphaned wildlife in order to treat & care for them and rehabilitate them back into the wild. Currently, our team are getting everything sorted so we can hit the ground running.

This exciting project is in partnership with Fundimvelo Community Conservation Reserve and international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS. Together we fight to save and protect our wildlife.


THULA THULA RHINO ORPHANAGE POACHING TRAGEDY.  21st February 2017.This despicable poaching attack has left us all in shock. Thanks to the amazing response to our emergency fundraising, we have been able to act quickly for the protection of the remaining rhinos and also, of course, all the dedicated staff at the orphanage with deadly anti-poaching actions and extra security.
We would like to thank all our donors from all around the world for the amazing response and support which has allowed us to set up extra security and the deployment of anti poaching unit all around the game reserve.

Francoise Malby Anthony


Thula Thula, dedicated to the conservation, protection and survival of endangered species. – Francoise Anthony


The original herd of 7 elephants in September 1999, when they arrived at Thula Thula. Classified as “rogue” and “troublemakers”, our original herd of 7 elephants, made famous in the best-seller “The Elephant Whisperer” by Lawrence Anthony, has now increased to the maximum sustainable capacity.

Contraception program for our male elephants

Having now reached its maximum capacity in terms of habitat for our herd, the reserve implemented a reversible male elephant contraception programme to allow controlled breeding. This operation started in Sept 2012, is being renewed every 6 months and unfortunately is not having the desired effect.

An alternative to relocation

Although contraception does not adversely affect the elephants and does not produce any behavioral side effects, questions do remain as to how continued contraception might influence such a highly sociable species.


Thanks to the local community, Thula Thula now has the opportunity to add a further 3500 ha of land to increase their habitat. This solution requires 35 km of electric fencing as well as roads, increased security, guard training, security equipment and vehicles, conservation, land management and the list just goes on, to keep our wildlife safe. Community projects such as this, not only support the wildlife but also improve local employment and education.

HELP RAISE $350,000

We have the land, but to fence this, we need to raise us$ 350 000 should you wish to support the Thula Thula expansion project:

  • Sponsor 1 acre of the extended Thula Thula land $50
  • Buy 1 metre of fencing $100
  • Adopt a Thula Thula elephant $50 per month
Pledge your Support

If animals could speak, mankind would weep! Our stay was amazing, couldn’t have imagined a better stay. Just wish we could stay longer. Emmanuel and Expidicao Schumann


The Thula Thula Rhino Fund, is part of the SOUTH AFRICAN CONSERVATION FUND, a registered Non-Profit Organisation, founded by Françoise Malby-Anthony, Managing Director of Thula Thula Private Game Reserve and widow of well-known conservationist, explorer and international bestselling author Lawrence Anthony.

In March 2012, Thabo, who was three years old at the time, was shot and wounded by ruthless poachers who entered into the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve to poach our rhino for their horn.

This resulted in the establishment of the Thula Thula Rhino Fund, which raises funds for the protection and preservation of the rhino population within the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve. Funding goes towards supplying much-needed equipment for counter poaching activities, for crucial conservation initiatives and to ensure the on going protection and survival of our rhinos but also all our endangered species.


Or contact Francoise Malby Anthony francoise@thulathula.comFor more information,

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