Newsletter April 2024


The French version of THE ELEPHANTS OF THULA THULA, will be released on the 2nd of May in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

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DEDICACE (book signing) with Francoise in PARIS le 14 mai, 18h30
Librairie Albin Michel, 137 Boulevard Raspail, Paris 75006.


A day full of emotions and scary moments ending up with all our rhinos safely trimmed and collared, all for their protection. A BIG THANK YOU to our amazing team and all involved that day for a successful operation.

Photos Kim McCleod Photography


Part of our ongoing rhino monitoring and protection. Many rhino-carrying reserves in South Africa, have partnered with Rouxcel Technology, a conservation company specializing in the design and deployment of rhino collars which detect and transmit abnormal rhino behavior in real-time. The system consists of two main components, namely the AI-Enabled Rhino Collars and a private LoRa Network.

The Rouxcel collars are solar powered and can last many years without any maintenance, compared to regular collars which require replacement at least every two years. The collars communicate through a private LoRa-Rhino network which is simple to install and maintain. The base station is a small box with built-in antennas, a solar panel and batteries – no additional solar panels or heavy batteries are required. These base stations communicate to the EarthRanger platform via a cellular network.

The rhino collar design includes smart algorithms which continuously monitor the rhino’s individual behavior. If an abnormal behavior is detected, the collar sends an alert via the LoRa-Rhino network to the EarthRanger platform, pinpointing the incident location via GPS. Alert categories are grey, amber, or red based on the event probability, or level of deviation from the individual rhino’s baseline behavior.
This does not stop the 24/7 monitoring by our game ranger and anti poaching unit, above all with the planned expansion of a further 1000 hectares in May.

The protection of our rhinos is our priority at Thula Thula.

Visit of French national Television TF1 at Thula Thula

To film a documentary for the programme 50 MINUTES INSIDE which will be aired in May, probably the 11th of May. Still to be confirmed.

They were present during the whole operation on our rhinos and filmed the dehorning and the fitting of the collars on all our rhinos. The airing of such operation on foreign media always contributes to bring awareness to the work done in our private game reserves for the protection of our endangered species.



Photos from the past with Baby Tom, who is now 10 years old 🐘❤️
This 7 days old lost baby elephant ended up in my kitchen. She had wandered out of the herd for more than 16 hours and landed in my garden. She was reunited with her mum ET after a few hours.

Those who have read the book AN ELEPHANT IN MY KITCHEN will know this successful rescue story. This book is also available in German, French and Dutch