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Leigh Geyer

Rehabilitation Senior Nurse

I started my career by volunteering at sanccob and numerous animal welfare vets from a young age. After a couple years of volunteering, i was ready to enter the field and started working at Moholoholo rehab centre  with cheetah, lions, badgers, eagles, vulures and antelope. It is also where i fell inlove with the bush and the lifestyle of a rehabilitator. After moholoholo i moved to durban to work as a clinic nurse at C.R.O.W (Centre of Rehabilitation of Wildlife) with animals ranging from monkeys, hadedas and antelope to jackal, mongoose and genets. It was at c.r.o.w that i learned to hand raise baby animals and handle a number of different species. I have now after many years been offered a once in a life time opportunity to start a wildlife rehabilitation centre, which has always been my life goal and i am looking forward to this amazing journey with Thula Thula.

Sheldon Schollij

Leader of the Volunteers Academy

I started in the world of wildlife rehabilitation at Moholoholo in Hoedspruit, there we worked with large birds of prey, Large predators such as lions and hyena,cheetah and leopard, as well as antelope species. I had a particular interest in diets and enrichment of the animals, making sure they can be physically and mentally stimulated. After that I’ve worked at rehab centers in Gauteng, at Friends of Free Wildlife, focusing on your more urban wildlife, and in the Kalahari desert, with works specific to meerkats and mongoose, studying and logging troop behavior and rehabilitating injured and ex-pet animals. My time at Thula Thula began as a volunteer where I worked my way up to be a part of the Wildlife rehabilitation team, we have successfully worked with and released species such as genets, thick-tailed bushbaby’s, Jackals and Mongoose.


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